PAC Overview

The PAC is the official voice of the parents/guardians of students at McKenzie School. All parents/guardians are voting members of the council and are encouraged to attend monthly meetings.  Meeting dates and times change yearly based on availability of members and can be found on the McKenzie PAC’s Facebook page and in your child’s agenda.

The PAC works in a variety of ways for the benefit of students, staff, and the school community. Their aims are as follows:
Communicate with parents about school programs and policies,
communicate with school staff on behalf of parents,
provide opportunities for parent education,
raise funds for school equipment, projects, and activities, and
organize social events to promote the development of a healthy school community.

Reasons to be involved in the PAC:

  • your child benefits from knowing you are interested in school
  • you learn what is happening in education
  • you become more familiar with the school’s operation and the staff who work here
  • you meet more of the parents of your children’s friends
  • you have input concerning the school and your child’s education