Remembrance Day


McKenzie School was honoured to welcome Mr. Laurence Webb, former McKenzie student and military veteran to speak at our Remembrance Day ceremony on Friday, November 8th at 10:45am.


Mr. Webb attended McKenzie School for 8 years from 1928 to 1936 and freely admits that he was not the ‘best’ student while at McKenzie. 80 years ago it seems that he was more interested with what was going on outside rather than inside his classroom. After attending high school and hearing reports on the news of the atrocities in Europe, Mr. Webb enlisted at the Bay St. Armories. His service began when he jumped into an old wooden wagon outside the armory that displayed a banner announcing “Be a man among men”. In the Canadian Army Mr. Webb worked as a signaler after learning his Morse Code.

“18 words was about as best as you could be, but I could only manage about 12 words a minute. It is amazing how communications have changed!”

McKenzie School is very proud of its 100 year history and of all our students, past and present. We work hard to ensure that today’s students understand the sacrifice made by all former and serving military personnel.

Stay alert and never forget those that have served for your freedom.” said Mr. Webb.

Sadly, Lawrence Webb passed away in 2016 but his great granddaughter is now a student at Mckenzie Elementary.