School Hours

Monday 8:48 - 2:44
Tuesday 8:46 – 2:44
Wednesday 8:46 – 2:44
Thursday 8:46 – 2:44
Friday 8:46 – 2:44

Morning Recess 09:57 - 10:17
Lunch Recess 11:59 - 12:44

Student Enrolment Priorities

  Enrolment projections indicate that the Greater Victoria School District could see an increase of 2,000 students over the next 10 years. When space is limited in a school, student enrolment priorities determine the order in which students will get into a school. THANK YOU to the nearly 4,000 parents… Read more

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@SpectrumThunder athletic leadership students running lunchtime games for@our students! Thanks so much @sd61schools McKenzieElemVic photo

Love seeing the beautiful art work and collaboration in our building! @sd61schools McKenzieElemVic photo

Reading groups happen everywhere @McKenzieElemVic we were lucky to take a movement break before returning to classes @dsparrow61 McKenzieElemVic photo

Welcome to McKenzie

The mission of McKenzie School is, in partnership with parents and the community, to build a strong
foundation of knowledge, skills and attitudes in our students.

Our School