Handbook / Conduct


As a student, I have the right to a quality education in a safe, caring and inclusive environment.

All members of the McKenzie School community will maintain an attitude that is cooperative, courteous and respectful.


To Yourself

  • Always do your best
  • Make good choices
  • Be on time and ready to learn
  • Be a positive, active learner

To Others

  • Be polite and wait your turn
  • Treat others safely and with respect
  • Respect differences 
          ·        Race
          ·        Colour
          ·        Ancestry
          ·        Place of origin
          ·        Religion
          ·        Marital status
          ·        Family status
          ·        Physical or mental disability
          ·        Sex
          ·        Sexual orientation, and
          ·        Age
  • Use good listening skills
  • Be honest and tell the truth     


To Property

  • Clean up after yourself
    • Take good care of materials
    • Ask before borrowing

Be Safe

  • Walk calmly
    • Stay in designated areas
    • Report conflicts and dangerous situations to an adult

Kenzie says, “Whenever problems occur we should always try to keep our WITS”

  • Walk away
    • Ignore (when appropriate)
    • Talk it out
    • Seek help from an adult

Purpose of the Code of Conduct 

The McKenzie School code of conduct describes the expectations that parents, students and staff have so that all students can learn in a safe, caring and orderly environment.

Response to Inappropriate and/or Unacceptable Behaviour

When a student’s action(s) demonstrates non-compliance with our school Code of Conduct, careful consideration of appropriate consequences will occur once the details of the incident have been fully investigated.

Depending upon the severity and/or frequency of the inappropriate or unacceptable behaviour one or more of the following may occur:

  • Official recording of the incident
    • Contact and/or meeting with the caregivers
    • Restitution to individuals involved
    • Verbal or written apology
    • Performing a ‘community service’ at school
    • Establishing a ‘personal behaviour ‘ contract
    • Loss of playground time
    • Loss of ‘special privileges’, e.g. Field trips extra-curricular activities
    • In-school or out-of-school suspension
    • Referral to School Based Team for intervention
    • Reimbursement if property loss or damage is involved
    • Actions specified under district Policy

Further Details

As our students grow older, they accept more responsibility for their own actions and for helping others.  They also understand that consequences for breaking the code of conduct are different as they grow older but still meaningful and fair.  We have considerations for children with special needs in terms of behaviour expectations.  We work hard at McKenzie school to make sure that students know it is safe to report incidents of bullying and we take all reasonable steps to prevent retaliation by those who have been reported.  If such a breach of the code occurs, parents of both offender and victim will be notified as well as other agencies, if necessary.  The above code of conduct is in accordance with the BC Human Rights code.